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Wondering what Pneumatic supplies are? They are used extensively in the industrial automation sector and are powered by compressed air. The pneumatic systems use actuators such as cylinders, which are controlled by manual or air pilot mode or even via solenoid valves. They are designed to offer a low cost and as a safer alternative to electric actuators.

Some of the most commonly use supplies are Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, Pneumatic Cylinder, NFPA Cylinder, ISO Cylinder, Pneumatic Tubing, Polyurethane Tubing, Polyethylene Tubing, Nylon Tubing, Flow Control, Tube Fitting.

We at Compressed Fluid Power Services Ltd. sell a variety of Pneumatic supplies. We work with some of the Largest Manufacturer of Pneumatic Components in Canada and United States.

Following is a brief overview of some of the most commonly used Pneumatic supplies:

Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

A pneumatic solenoid valve is a way of converting electrical signals into pneumatic functions. When you apply electricity to the solenoid, it directs air through the valve into the circuit. The pneumatic solenoid valves are cost effective and saves a lot of space as well. They offer a variety of different solution as well, such as voltage, wattage, connector and mounting options. They have a quick response time and very high flow rates.

Pneumatic Cylinder

A pneumatic cylinder, also known as a pneumatic actuator is a device which translates a source of static power into an useful output motion with the help of linear motion. They are mechanical devices which take any energy and convert them into any kind of motion. The motion created by these kind of actuators can be of any form, like blocking, clamping or even ejecting.

NFPA Cylinder

A NFPA cylinder, also called as Joint Industry Council or JIC cylinders are made by square end cps held together with four tie rods. It comes in many types like aluminum, steel etc. The NFPA cylinders have the same mounting dimension for each mounting style and hence the buyers can get a NFPA cylinder anywhere in the world.

ISO Cylinder

The ISO Cylinder or the ISO 15552 Cylinder standards decide the dimensions of the product and the size of the cylinder when the mountings and accessories are applied. It refers to single and double-acting pneumatic cylinders which are provisioned or not with magnetic sensors.