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At CFPSLTD (Compressed Fluid Power Services Limited.), we carry top of the line industrial pneumatic supplies such as Air Quick Coupler, Metric Tube Fitting, Metric Tubing, Pressure Gauge, Pneumatic Tools, Pneumatic Equipment. If your business is based in Mississauga, Brampton and surrounding area, we can help you find the right pneumatic equipment for your industrial needs.

Following is further information about Pneumatic Tools and Equipment.

Pneumatic Tools

Brampton Pneumatic Supplier Ball ValvePneumatic tools also called as air tools or tools which are powered by air or even pneumatic powered tools are a certain type of tools which run because of compressed air supplied by air compressors.

They are also run by compressed carbon dioxide stored in small cylinders which allows movement or portability.

Pneumatic Equipment

Pneumatic equipment are usually used in different kinds of industries.  They are used for commercial purposes, industrial purposes as well.  They are very common in agricultural and even conduction industries.  They are used in the industry and commonly powered by compressed air or compresses inert gasses. The pneumatic equipment uses air and sometimes gasses to be powered as well.

Brands we carry: CP, SMC, Parker Hannifin, Norgren, Bosch, ARO, TopRing, Pisco, Alfa Fittings, Asco, Numatics, Festo