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Air Quick Coupler Supplier

Are you looking for a pneumatic supplier in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto? Look no further, because you are in the right place. CFPSLTD (Compressed Fluid Power Services Limited.) is ready to supply the right pneumatic supplies as per your requirement.

Pneumatic Supplies are used extensively in the industrial automation sector and are powered by compressed air. The pneumatic systems use actuators such as cylinders which are controlled by manual or air pilot mode or even via solenoid valves. They are designed to offer a low cost and as a safer alternative to electric actuators. Some of the most commonly use supplies are Air Quick Coupler, Metric Tube Fitting, Metric Tubing, Pressure Gauge, Pneumatic Tools, Pneumatic Equipment. Let us tell you more about what they are and how to use them.

Following are 2 popular pneumatic supplies that our clients buy from us:

Air Quick Coupler

An Air quick coupler, also called a pneumatic quick coupler or pneumatic quick disconnects is primarily used for pneumatic applications like connecting air tools, hoses or other implements along with other compressed air supplies.

The air quick coupler is used with gasses as well along with low pressure fluids. The air quick coupler contains a shut-off valve which opens automatically when a mating nipple is inserted and close all by itself when the nipple is taken out.  The quick coupler comes in three styles. The general or the manual connecting coupler, the general purpose or push to connect coupler and also the special purpose coupler.

Metric Tube fitting

The metric tube fittings are used to provide a reliable and leak proof connection in instrumentation and process tubing systems. They use the double ferrule design and that with the help of the hardness and thickness of the tube wall provide leak tight connections.

Other Pneumatic Supplies we carry are: Air Quick Coupler, Metric Tube Fitting, Metric Tubing, Pressure Gauge, Pneumatic Tools, Pneumatic Equipment

Brands we carry: CP, SMC, Parker Hannifin, Norgren, Bosch, ARO, TopRing, Pisco, Alfa Fittings, Asco, Numatics, Festo