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Toronto Piston Compressor Industrial

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Toronto Piston Compressor | Refrigeration Dryer | Desiccant Dryer | Brampton | Mississauga

Piston compressor

A piston compressor, also called the reciprocating compressor is the opposite of the rotary screw compressor.  It is a positive displacement compressor which used pistons which are driven by a crank shaft to deliver gasses at a very high pressure.  The suction manifold sucks in the gas which then flows into the compression cylinder and it then goes ahead to get compressed by a piston which is being driven in a reciprocating motion. The crankshaft is responsible for it.  It is then discharged. The piston compressor is mainly used in oil refineries, gas pipe lines, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants and even refrigeration plants.

Refrigeration dryer

The refrigeration dryer is a type of a air dryer which is used to dry compressed air. It compresses the dry air which contains water and then sucks the water out of it.  The refrigeration dryer uses a compressor to suck the water out of the air.

Desiccant dryer

A desiccant dryer also called the compressed air dryer removes the water vapor from the compressed air. The compressed air dryer is usually used in a wide range of industrial and commercial facilities. The process of the air compression concentrates atmospheric contaminants and also water vapor.

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