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Toronto Electronic Auto Drain

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Electronic Auto Drain

An electronic drain valve which automatically discharges condensate at predetermined intervals, every X minutes for Y seconds. The moisture is filtered at the strainer/ball-valve and any large particles are captured by an internal stainless steel mesh filter.

Electronic Automatic Drain IndustrialElectronic adjustable tank drain is an electronically adjustable drain that is used to drain compressor tank automatically to deliver dry air to air tools and pneumatic equipment. It uses two 2-way direct acting valves with manual test switch and usually includes 2 bright indicator lights for ON or OFF positions.

Valve are made of forged brass and can be mounted in any position. Working pressure ranges between: 0 – 230 PSI and temperature ranges from: -40 degrees F – 140 degrees F. The discharge interval adjustable is between 0.5 – 45 minutes. Discharge duration adjustable is 0.

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